Dec 18, 2019

Questions to ask before hiring a wedding DJ

By Lauren Middleton

No wedding is complete without a full dancefloor and a banging DJ. But before it’s time to party, you need to make sure you book the right DJ for your wedding. The following questions will help determine the professionalism, experience, and trustworthiness of your DJ.

Can you provide us with a written contract?

Your agency should have a legal contract that outlines what they need from you and what you will receive. This document is the basis for your working relationship and will help you to avoid potential mishaps from either side.

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What experience do you have as a DJ?

The number of years/events a DJ has worked, and the type of events they’ve worked on, should give you a good idea if they are qualified to DJ for your big day. Ask them about their experience with weddings or corporate events, and clients they’ve worked with recently. They should be able to speak confidently about their various prior bookings, and ideally have years of experience performing at events similar to yours.

When will you arrive to set up?

Typically, your DJ should setup about an hour before the scheduled start time to avoid setting up during the formalities. Alternatively, it often makes sense for the DJ to set up between ceremony and reception, as the bride and groom are usually getting their photos done at this point.

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Can you offer MC services?

Some DJs are happy to act as an MC on the day, directing guests and keeping things moving along. If you are thinking about paying someone to MC, you could ask the agency if they have a suitable DJ/MC for your booking. You should also ask what speaking style the DJ has, to ensure the right atmosphere on the day.

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Is there a backup plan?

Accidents do happen, so it’s best to plan ahead. A professional agency will have a backup plan for any eventuality, ensuring that no matter what, you will have a great DJ on the day. Keep this in mind if considering booking direct - a DJ who takes direct bookings will not be able to help you if they become ill or have a personal emergency on the day of your event.

What deposit is required?

A deposit (50% of the total fee) will be required by a professional agency at the time of booking. Paying the deposit means you have the date locked in, and no one else can book that date. If your agency or DJ does not need a deposit, you run the risk of them accepting a better paying booking and canceling on you at short notice.

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What does your fee cover?

Check with your agency exactly what is included in the fee, and that there are no hidden costs. A professional DJ agency’s quote will cover sound and lighting equipment, travel time, accommodation and travel expenses if required, as well as exactly how many hours your DJ will perform on the night.

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Are you insured?

Insurance is very important when planning a large event. In the unlikely event someone gets injured, or the venue goes up in flames, youneed to make sure you’re covered.

Professional agencies will have public liability insurance, whereas DJs that you book directly are unlikely to have insurance, so bear this in mind when making your decision.

What will you wear?

It is important to have clear expectations that the DJ is aware of when it comes to dress code. Most professional DJs will assume a certain level of formality, but it pays to be specific about what you want. For example, standard wedding attire would be black trousers, dress shoes, dress shirt, tie, and an optional blazer.

Can you provide references?

A professional agency should have no problem with sharing recent client feedback with you. This means you can see that you are going to get what you pay for. Check their reviews and make sure that their previous clients are happy with the service offered.

When you're ready to talk DJs, get in touch with our team and we'll be happy to answer all of these questions and many more.

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