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Pavel Kazimirr

Pavel Kazimirr is a high energy Russian-Angolan-Kiwi-French Dj and Sax player. His music career started in neo-soul groups such as “Round Buddah, Lakes, and Molly and the Chromatics.” Since 2016, Kazimirr has been mixing in Paris, France discovering and playing with exotic musicians, developing his skills and writing tracks with the French group “DamDam Paname.” While in Europe, Pavel supported NZ artists such as Raiza Biza, Blaze the Empror, and Crunchy Mp3. Early November Kazimirr performed at the Melbourne Cup with the Sweet Mix Kids, and is currently in New Zealand, performing with “Round Buddah.”


Selected Songs

James Brown
The Boss

Mark Ronson ft Bruno Mars
Up Town Funk

English Man In New York

Michael Jackson
The way you make me feel

The Black Seeds
Cool Me Down

Snoop Doggy Dog
Gin n Juice

Kanye West
Gold Digger

Rolling Stones
Only Rock n Roll

Cosmic Girl

Gypsy Kings


Getting the mood exactly right for our industry launch was super important for us. Not only was Pav’s music on point, but the vibe he created both on the decks & roaming the floor with his Sax was 10/10. Also just the nicest dude - huge smile, super engaging - highly recommended.
Frankie Walker, Black Pineapple

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